K-iwi Copyright (C) 2014 Krisoft Srl

License Info

K-iwi is free software distributed under the GNU GPL 3.0

read license.txt for more infomation about license.


  • Apache web server 2.0 oh higher
  • PHP 5.3 or higher
  • Database server : Mysql or DB400 for a native connection or any other ODBC compliant Database(Oracle,Postgres,MSQL….).

Release Log

06-September-2014 – Publish the 0.632

How to install

To install K-iwi Framework follow this steps:

  1. Copy K-iwi under your webserver folder.
  2. Create an empty database in your database engine.
  3. Modify config.ini files from the Config directory.Set the parameters of the Database section.
    1. The driver parameter must be one of this values:
      1. ‘Mysql’ for Mysql Database server.
      2. ‘i5’ for IBM Power system database server.
      3. ‘ODBC’ for a ODBC compliant database server.

        All other parameter of the database section must be set according to database created in the second step.

  4. Open this link


    where yourserver is the url of the folder created in step 1.

    If you se an ‘OK’ as a result, the framework is installed. Any other messages or a blank page indicate that you have had a problem during installation.

    I this case verify your config.ini files, and if the problem persists, look at php log to understand it.

  5. Once you have correctly executed the 4th step, you have finished! follow this link to connect to the admin page:

    http://yourserver/krsobjp/admindefault user:admin

    default pwd :adminTo acces the user side of the framework you can use this link